No (more) rest

Always something

Something to do

Lives full of endless tasks

The world made possible by human work.

Work with connection is a must

Always online

Always in touch

Always connected

Spy on you they just…


But without work

Life’s not a gentle breeze.

Storms of self doubt

Futures looming

Beyond the horizon of right now

Thoughts of will bees

Will be bosses

Will be partners

Will be hardships and will be troubles

Would they care

                For what I do

                And what I strive for

Sometimes there’s no rest

Even when

Nothing is to be done

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Life’s hills and valleys

Up and down our lives do go
From financial stress to getting scammed
Life just throws stuff our way
Mental health can be a burden too
Not getting out of bed or seeing enemies in all

Things just haven’t gone our way
We’ve had good times too
But material success just isn’t ours
We’ve been happy
Though the circumstances might not be the best
But inner peace depends not on wealth
It’s there for us
We lucky few
Who’ve found some peace within our mind
Temporary as it may be for me sometimes*

edit 14-5-2021: small alterations to both poem (*added line) and layout

Returned at last | A Guild Wars poem

A long long time ago

I played some Guild Wars 2

Played the first game too

Was quite exhilarating

Many fond times were had


It’s been a long while now

But I’ve returned to it for now

Finishing up the story

And I’ll do some PvP


Quite a special time to return

Wintersday is upon Guild Wars 2

Presents are to be had

And fun times will surely come


After all this time it’s quite nostalgic to return

Now I’m glad I’m back and going to have some fun

(Not part of the poem but this is what my character looks like)