Why I eat meat

Let me preface this by saying that, I do believe eating meat is at least slightly wrong, and I don’t buy the argument that we are so much more advanced than animals we cannot count them in our moral calculus, but this is not going to be about whether that is true or false, if you want that you can read some of this. Instead this is going to be a very short essay that I wrote in a short spur of inspiration.

Sure I feel a little guilty sometimes when I eat meat, but so do I when I look at what I buy and know that I don’t quite need all of it. That money could have gone towards saving a lot of people and animals as well. I do not think sins of omission are that much less wrong than sins of commission, although it is difficult to know. that I feel no guilt for one and harsh guilt for the other. We life in an imperfect world. Are born into value systems, that form habits, that aren’t perfect either. I think the best thing is to make gradual, and conscious steps, to improve both ourselves and our world. Maybe I’ll start by not eating meat today, and asking you to think, about your world and yourself.

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