How I deal with anger, or the way I try to choose the people in my life

I’m not angry very often, and I don’t like to be angry. This is something I’ve had ever since my childhood. I even had an period (around the age of 14), that I actively tried to ban all emotions from my mind. It was actually kind of successful and I hope that it didn’t do too much damage to my mental health. As a consequence of, me not liking to be angry, and me doing things when I’m angry I about always regret later, I generally try to avoid confrontation. Walking away from it or, blocking people that have a very confrontational tone (on for example MOBAs, MMOs, or just email). My “filter” for people I don’t know is generally if you type an insult you’re blocked. For people I know in real life I try to I have the “filter”, if you insult me or just have a very confrontational tone, I walk away or block you. For people in real life though (and sometimes people online too), counts that I’ll most likely forgive you if you apologize, or give the inclination that you didn’t do it on purpose. Nevertheless in the past I’ve neglected, to include people back into my life after they had apologized. Not out of malice, instead they just kind of faded away from my thoughts. I’m not that bothered by most people I’ve neglected in that way, although there is at least one person I’d wish I stayed in contact with. His “offense” was during, what I would describe as, an period of “mental instability” in my life. After I told him about my “mental instability” I think he apologized, however it is too long ago to remember with certainty what he said. I do remember that he tried to help me afterwards, and was a pretty good friend before too. But that’s the way of life, you sometimes lose contact with people you’d rather keep in your life, and stay in contact with the ones you’d rather not. I hope that if keep remembering that, I can make an attempt to keep the people I want in my life in my life, and discard the people that I don’t instead. Today at least I’m discarding someone from my life, that I met online, that I don’t think would make a positive impact on my life, I hope this is an good step towards ,better choosing the people in my life.

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