Cities and villages Part 2: Rhodos

I already did a post on Rhodos, but I also wrote something in my notebook about it while in Athens and it is I think needed context for the point I’m trying to get across in these posts. So here it goes.

In Rhodos city the people felt to me the most approachable. I think this has something to do with the size too. Rhodos is in size about in the same order of magnitude as my own hometown Leiden, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I find that size to be the nicest for a town to be. Not really small but not huge either.

Large enough that people are accustomed to meeting strangers, but not so big that it trains you to ignore them.

I think that these kind of medium sized cities, are kind of an ideal mix of the small communities I discussed in my previous post, and the big cities like Athens I’ll cover next.

Because I already covered Rhodos in a previous post, or the actual reason, because what I wrote on Rhodos wasn’t much, I’ll keep this short and leave you here.


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