Life’s dying light

Life’s hard

Everything needs effort

Don’t give it and you will dwindle

Your mind can betray you

Creating delusions

Showing danger where there is none

Zapping your energy

Leaving you with wasted years

All the while life’s clock is ticking

Slowing your reflexes and dulling your mind

In the end you return to dust

4 thoughts on “Life’s dying light

  1. Yes, “All the while life’s clock is ticking” it is “Slowing your reflexes” – but it doesn’t have to dull your mind, does it? Not everyone gets dementia. Not everyone becomes less alert as they age, do they? Have you known octogenarians who were sharp as a tack and whose wisdom was the envy of their younger counterparts?

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    1. I’ve heard it explained that when you get older you might become less quick and your memory less reliable but you can compensate for that with the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years. That doesn’t really work if you’re prevented from really accumulating knowledge by life’s circumstances.

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