No blogpost. Just a poll on the design of my blog.

I’ve noticed that most other blogs are a bit less cluttered than my blog. Without things like the tag cloud or a list of blogs they follow. I think my blogs clutter could turn off some people, so I could remove some of these things. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea though since I don’t really care either way, so would you prefer my blog with less clutter?

15 thoughts on “No blogpost. Just a poll on the design of my blog.

  1. Nice poll. Actually, most bloggers don’t like changes, either because they do not know how to move around or because they are happy with the end result.

    Since you ask, though, i’ll write a line : Get rid of the cloud. Unless if you don’t create categories to place your posts. Then, keep it.

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    1. At the moment my categories are kind of a mess, so I’m not sure I can properly switch to categories. The tags are a mess too, but I learned how to exclude duplicate tags in the tag cloud, maybe I can learn the same with categories. Would you recommend (if it’s possible) to put a list of categories to the side of the page?

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      1. Yes, i recommend categories on the sidebar. The “Categories” widget comes with three options. I prefer the firsts one, to be displayed as dropdown. You can use the “Show Hierarchy” option, if you think it doesn’t look bad.

        But, i like to create a page to which i give the name “Site Index” (of course, someone can give the name “Categories”, or whatever he likes), and i place the page to the menu.

        To create the page i follow the procedure :

        1. I place the “Categories” widget to the sidebar by selecting the”Show Hierarchy” option.

        2. I refresh the blog and i go to the sidebar to Copy the list of the categories, and i paste to the list to the new page i just created.

        3. I add the new page with the list of the categories to my menu

        Ps 1 : When you create new categories you have to repeat the procedure above.

        Ps 2 : I end up having at least three things :

        i) the list of the categories added on the menu,
        ii) the search box
        iii) the categories widget displayed as dropdown

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    1. I’m not sure if I’d want to change that, and also usually my posts are in an orange/beigey colour. So I think the header matches that quite well. Just forgot to apply the colour to this post.

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