9 thoughts on “Connected

    1. I think first of all because I like writing.

      I also do it to get better at writing, because it’s a useful skill and getting better at a skill can be fulfilling.

      Having something written down is also a semipermanent thing you can look back at in the future and think “that’s something I did”

      Additionally, I like how it like being part of a bit of a community. Seeing people who like stuff on my blog, like stuff on other blogs I read, makes it feel like we’re part of a small but tight-knit global community.

      And lastly, it is also fun seeing people have read what I’ve written, and seeing likes and comments roll in.


    1. I quite like the idea in The Egg, a short story by Andy Weir, on this. I think it does an amazing job at connecting you with other people. I’m not gonna spoil it in case you haven’t read it, just gonna say I loved it.

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        1. The story is quite short, probably not much longer than some of your blogposts. Here’s a link to it http://galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html

          The story is about a guy, who just died, talking to god. God explains that humanity is actually just one consciousness experiencing different lives. The guy’s wife, now widow, is him in another life, anyone who ever wronged him or has been wronged by him was also just him in another life. He is in fact an egg, taking in different conscious experiences, to one day become a god too.

          I don’t believe in the idea, but if we all were the same consciousness, that’d make being good to others just in our own best interest. I think it also makes you think about the connections you have with people, even people you’ve never met. Like I said I really like the story.


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