No (more) rest

Always something

Something to do

Lives full of endless tasks

The world made possible by human work.

Work with connection is a must

Always online

Always in touch

Always connected

Spy on you they just…


But without work

Life’s not a gentle breeze.

Storms of self doubt

Futures looming

Beyond the horizon of right now

Thoughts of will bees

Will be bosses

Will be partners

Will be hardships and will be troubles

Would they care

                For what I do

                And what I strive for

Sometimes there’s no rest

Even when

Nothing is to be done

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7 thoughts on “No (more) rest

    1. Didn’t really have a specific person or audience in mind. I tend to write for a general audience.

      I’m sure some people/groups will find my writing more appealing than others, but the goal of my blog is not to appeal to a specific audience.

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  1. You unrest well in a flurry of hurrying and worrying about the future. Always things to avoid the stings. Only so much honey can be collected without a purpose. There’s no rest when there’s always something which is often nothing. In a twist to Isaac Newton: “A poem in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by a force.” Star Wars: “Let the force be with you.”

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    1. A stable equilibrium
      Is something we perhaps seek
      It’s something to treat with care
      For in life true equilibrium
      Our equations will never yield
      Only death “becoming one with the force” will yield such solutions
      Rest’s not impossible
      Just true equilibrium among the living are

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