I followed the shadow down a path
I didn’t even notice how
When I didn’t look
The shadow burned down the path I came

Now I’m stuck here in the dark
Forced to follow the shadow once more

This poem might be an unfair characterisation of psychiatry as a whole, but I feel like it describes my experiences with it fairly well. I feel like the psychiatrists I have had didn’t know about all the risks of the medication they prescribed. In some cases not even all the known risks. As a result I feel like they lead me down a darker path than my life would have taken without them.

4 thoughts on “Psychiatry

    1. It’s an ongoing process. I’ve maybe lost some volume in the cerebral cortex due to the medication. From 2016 to 2020 I was in a depression which I think was at least partially caused by the medication. Currently, I think the meds are causing another depression. I want to go off them, but my current psychiatrist says he doesn’t have the time to assist me in that, so I have to wait till I see a new psychiatrist to adjust my medication.

      So in short, I am how I’ve been for the last 5 years or so, which is not really ok.

      Thanks for your comment David.

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