Dream Journal: Electric Workout

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Today I dreamed I joined a running group halfway through their run. At first, it was fun. There were dogs (in the dream world there was even a running group just for dogs) there are humans, children and old people. Quite fun.

Then I discovered with some dread, the group touched electric wires to shock themselves. They believed the electric shocks helped them burn calories.

Eventually, they take a break to hear their leader speak “I sense there’s someone among you who doesn’t belong. Someone who doesn’t approve of our electrical workout. Show yourself!”

Their leader is a giant figure, I wouldn’t want to get caught by him, but I am. He lifts me up towards their ultimate electric helmet, the hexashock. I put on the helmet and try to fly away, but the helmet shocks me and as I try to get it off I wake up.

I lie in my bed. It is 5am. I write down this dream and go back to sleep.

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