The world of Aduras


In the tabs here you’ll find the occasional research idea or short story that I plan to incorporate into the book I’m setting in a world called Aduras.

I have a lot more stuff on paper as personal notes, but I think I’ll keep most of the notes just on paper for now.

One curious thing is, that the book set in Aduras isn’t the one I’m furthest in. Perhaps because I care too much about the world, to have it as an inevitably very flawed first book.

Written when it was still called “A wikipedia of Aiur (not SC Aiur)” most of it still applies

(warning contains light spoilers for the book I’m writing)

The past few years I’ve been occasionally (for less than I would like to admit) been working on a book. The book takes place in the imaginary world I created for myself when I was a kid, to escape to when I didn’t feel I belonged to this world and when I felt isolated and alone. The world and the stories taking place in it have changed quite a bit over time. At first they changed together with my dreams, abilities and passions, but lately I’ve been attempting to change them into something I can write a interesting book about.

The name Aiur is probably a placeholder name (since I wouldn’t want to be sued by blizzard if I do publish the book). I called the world Aiur when I was a kid and was quite into starcraft broodwar, and especially liked the protoss race.

This Wikipedia page on my blog is an attempt to motivate me to write, to structure my work on the book, and to build a better world for my book. Because I want to eventually publish the book this place is the only place on my blog you are not allowed to use in your own work, you are allowed to use it for yourself or for very small audiences such as for RP sessions. However, I draw the line at 50 people after that I no longer consider it a small audience, and you are infringing on my copyright. When the book is finished I will probably relax this rule, since I think I would welcome fan fiction about it, however if any of the fan fiction would be published before I finish the book, that would create a serious challenge to my ownership offer the story, and the world, and this world and this story are too precious to me to risk that possibility.

Aiur itself will be a fantasy world where magic can be found in abundance in some places and scarcely in others. It is a world where the gods left libraries about the universe, how to contact them, and how to worship them at its creation. These libraries form the foundation of a few powerful city states and nations. The book will for the most part, take place in two of these city states, Adora, and Syinthia. However I also want to create realistic geopolitics for these two city states, and the surrounding areas, so at least in this wiki, I will try to describe a lot more places than just these two cities.

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