Syinthia [Sie-in-thie-a]

Scyinthia is a city that was origanlly a colony of Adora. It was a much treasured colony since in Adora’s part of the world nature is dark and filled with demons. So Setting up a new settlement is hard. Scyinthia was and is the furthest away place that the people of Adora ever colonised. Adora still has some settlements close by, but none of them as large as Scyinthia.

About four centuries ago there was an general [name placeholder] who was much beloved by the people of Scyinthia after he helped them vend off one of the scary demons nature had in store for Syinthia. Afterwards he used that love to get Scyinthia it’s independence trough the means of blood and war, his famaily has ruled Scyinthia ever since and it’s for the most part been a rule of clear laws prosperity and trade.