Selon and the creatures place

Selon was feeling his mind quickly drifting away from the site. Was the duel over. Had he lost? Selon didn’t know.

After a few seconds his mind stopped drifting, vision returned to his eyes. He could no longer see his opponent, and what he could see was a weird place. No longer the hills outside Adora. It was a place filled with blue and purple crystals. The ground was blue and surrounding it were two walls which seemed infinitely high. He was in a corridor which lead to a kind of crystal square but round, a large blue crystal in the middle, a dark abys underneath.

When Selon walked up to the round square, a strange creature made out of the material of this place walked up to Selon.

Selon didn’t know whether to be afraid or thankful. Before Selon was able to prepare his mind. To come out of the haze that had been with him since his arrival to this weird and wonderful place. Before Selon could do anything, the creature spoke.

“You’re either here or not here, but not both.”

Selon was a bit confused by the statement, but not for long. He sensed the creature was  giving him a kind of possibility space, all the options that were still open. Selon decided he needed to think out his interaction with the creature very carefully. “After all I don’t know the rules of this place, and this creature seems like an important entity,” Selon thought.

After a few seconds Selon decided on a course of action. He wanted to ask why this place was even an option. Why he could be here. But, since the answer to that question was too important, Selon decided on a few other questions first. To test the logic of this place and its creature.

Selon spoke, “What is this place?”

The creature “This is the road in between. Not up and not down. Neither is the answer. It’s in between.”

Selon didn’t really know what to parse of that answer. At least he could take one thing away from it. The place itself didn’t seem to change with the question and the answer. Selon thought,  “So at least reality is sort of stable here. But let’s test this a bit more, before relying on stability.” So Selon decided on a new question:

“Why is this place not up or down?”

The creature answered, “even between the closest things, there still is an in between. Neither up or down. Such a place will always exist.”

Selon decided that he wanted to know a bit more about this place before turning to other topics so he asked:

“What is it this place is in between of?”

The creature said “That you already know, but I cannot tell. It is you but not you, him and not him, her and not her. For you this will suffice.”

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