The first page of the story

It was a nice sunny evening, Reinal [Rei-nal] was walking to the docks. It had been a good year for Reinal and the city (state) he lived in. The fish were plentiful , and recently a lot of wealthy people had come Syinthia [Sie-in-thie-a] for refuge. Reinal didn’t totally understand why they left their homes, something about war and taxes, but the details were too complicated for Reinal to understand.

They weren’t all rich men but enough of them were to be a healthy influx of cash into the Syinthinan economy. Reinal didn’t totally understand how it all worked, he only saw that the prices for his best fish had doubled in the past year, while the average fish was still nice and cheap.

Reinal made so much money this year that he decided to hire one of the foreigners as an apprentice and aid. Reinal thought that would be a good way to give something back to the foreigners that had made him prosper over the last year.

Reinal hired a young man named Leori [Lie-orie], a well spoken young gentleman with a good body, but no coin in his purse.

With the sun shining on the sea the wind would surely turn inland soon. Reinal knew this was no good weather to fish in, and there were still plenty of tasks to be done onshore.

At the docks Reinal called out to Leori “Come help me prepare these salted fish from this nights catch. We better get them to the market soon, lest they start stinking.” Reinal and Leori began chopping off the heads of the fish and putting them back in barrels along with salt. Although Leori had a soft and eloquent voice he only spoke when it was needed and when he did it was with a accent usually reserved for the aristocracy of the land. This is something Reinal always found curios. How did a man who obviously had an excellent education come to work for a lowly fisherman? Did Leori lose his fortune in the war or to the taxes before it? And why not look for better paid employment?

After about an hour of hard work the fish were ready to be sold on the market, and Reinal ordered Leori to put the fish into the cart.

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