The mage and the saint

(Major spoilers for my book. A short story essay placed near the end of the story, I suspect it will change a lot)


The saint spoke to Selon and the other mages.

“It is heresy to come to those conclusions. Heresy to deny that god is benevolent, pure and good. What arrogance, what blasphemous,   what Heresy. Good faithful people grab him and throw him in a cel.”

Some of the people where ready to follow the saints commands, while the rest got ready to defend Selon against this unjust attempt at prosecution.

Before the masses acted Selon spoke:

“Don’t you see how this all perfectly fits together? Before we had many gods and they were almost human in their manor. We had flawed gods because they actually were human.

Now we have two. The god and his devil. They are just the gods that survived, nothing more nothing less. They aren’t perfectly good or perfectly evil. They just act that way because it makes people believe.

The only thing my research suggests is that nothing’s changed. The new god and his devil… they both want power over our society and the increase in magical power that comes from having many followers.

It is trough worship that a god becomes more than just a powerful mage and has power on a scale unimaginable to the mages here. Able to really change societies, able to battle fate itself, and able to provide many a priest with some of it’s more direct power.”

The saint reacted:

“That there are more gods now doesn’t mean that the current gods aren’t the pinnacles of good and evil. Perhaps the devil and god work together. With free will evil needs to be there in nature, otherwise there would not be a common enemy to rally against and bring us together. We accept that in order for free will to exist there needs to be evil, both the people who choose to be that way, and the natural disasters that are needed to bring us all together against nature.”


“Perhaps that’s true, but is freedom really free when the results are heaven and hellfire?”


Here the story ends for now. I still need to write what came before to know what happens next.



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