I studied a bunch of things in the past. Unfortunately didn’t finish any of it due mostly to mental health. I think now my the bio I wrote for my gravatar still explains me pretty well (despite being written years ago):

I’m kind of a lost.

I used to study physics but close to the end of the degree, I disliked it so much that I didn’t want to finish it.
I studied politics very shortly as well as Liberal Arts and sciences, but by then I think I was too broken to do even the things I liked seriously.

Now I’m kind of lost… But I’m getting help… So I think I’ll find my path back again.

12 thoughts on “Me

    1. I think there where many things that added up to that decision, but the most important reason was that I changed a lot over the years leading up to that decision, both my personality and my interests.. As a result physics really wasn’t something I wanted to do any more and because of the personality changes it wasn’t a good fit any more either.

      But a lot of other things factored in too. I got very depressed in the years leading up to that decision (I kind of think that that might have been at least partly the cause of those changes in interests and personality), and due to the depression I wasn’t making much progress towards earning my degree.

      I also just noticed that this section isn’t fully up to date. The depression I spoke of above did stop after I stopped studying physics, but maybe because of it I have developed a bit of an anxiety disorder, which caused me to drop out of the Liberal Arts degree as well. I didn’t have the willpower to force myself to fight the anxiety, maybe because it was still depleted from forcing myself to fight the depression. (source for the possible existence of willpower depletion: )

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      1. I had a similar issue. I completed two degrees in economics (never ever do a degree in that field ever) the other was physics. I did well, just it’s depressing that your days are spent in utter fear of your grade and the ability to work and work hard just goes away when you’re only doing average and never better then perfect. Mainly the professors saw me getting B’s as being not worthy of a degree thus not of their aid. I stuck with it but I can’t say I’m happy of the results. Having a good, but not GPA of a 3.4 means you will never get into a good graduate school with that degree. I’m doing a math degree now which is better, you pretty much do the same thing, or at least i’m doing. But you can be more forgiven on not knowing everything.


      2. I understand though of how it feels. I have a huge anxiety issues with tests and it only gotten worse since physics. It’s really a disbaility thing when ever tests determines your future no matter how hard you studies or how much of your homework you did, it only factors into but isn’t a determining factor for your final grade.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Very true, though it’s taking me extremely long to find the right path… I for sure made plenty of mistakes wandering the streets. Sometimes taking wrong turns, other times just standing still… But I can’t complain that much. I’m far from miserable at the moment.

      And sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been on a bit of a (somewhat unplanned) break from writing on this blog. Hope you understand 🙂

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