Shades of grey

Shades of grey
I’ve seen you before
Been you before
Written about your mere complexion

Gone you sometimes seem
Replaced by a view of white and black
All white or all black
Seen is nothing else
Those are the moments most monsterlike

Four days on Rhodos

As you may or perhaps may not know, I’m currently on a vacation in Greece. You may not know because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it often. I am not very open on these kinds of things. I sometimes am an open person, but on some things, I’m also very secretive sometimes. (more…)

A Game Theory Workshop I gave for the Leiden Debating Union a while back

I gave this workshop somewhere in 2015 and probably should have uploaded it somewhere sooner. Underneath you’ll find the presentation and a link to the google drive where you should be able to download it (the red link underneath the embedded thing has the notes/remarks as powerpoint notes and the embedded presentation has them as separate slides).

I didn’t really change much to the text besides add some slides with text I said/ meant to say, but I think it will be useful to some. I remember that I was rather nervous and tired when I gave this presentation so the text version is probably strictly better than the one I gave in person…

Google drive link

My 3 positive core beliefs about the world

I don’t know how stable (They could change over time, or be different in different circumstances) the 5 core beliefs that I describe and argue in this post and my previous post are, however I feel like they are important (some a bit more than others) to me. Also the list of arguments for these beliefs (and of course against them as well, though I haven’t really shown you arguments against these beliefs) is of course a lot larger than I’ll provide in either of these posts. However I hope that these two posts give you some insight into who I am, at least politically/philosophically, and reveal some of the biases that this blog probably has.

1) I belief that equality is important, both in the economical sense as in the equal rights sense. (more…)