We ignored the hypocrite

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels The stock photo site didn’t say who the woman is and this poem is of course not about her

We ignored the hypocrite for she went skiing while knowing the harm

We ignored the hypocrite for she travels while railing against coal

We ignored the hypocrite for she ate a burger one time despite what she believes

We ignored the hypocrite and now the world is gone

This poem might not have been that good. I wanted to make one about how it is hard to fully live by your ideals. Basically everyone with a lot of ideas about how society could be function better is going to be a hypocrite at some point but that it is important to still try, and not give up on good believes because you can’t fully live them. I don’t think that really came across or at all in this poem. Maybe just a harsh version of the gist.