How much of us is just our habits?

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

A long time ago, I think back in secondary school, I read a book (I think it was a book) that briefly dwelt on the idea of your “filter” having a huge influence on how you come off as. If you just say all the nasty stuff that pops, I think even in the heads of nice people from time to time, you’re going to come off as a lot meaner person than you would otherwise be perceived as.

I think, there’s a lot more habits than just your filter which influence our personality. I heard a few times that the book how to win friends and influence, recommends when you meet someone new to stick some effort into remembering their name and two or so facts about them. This way when you meet them again you can ask them something about the facts you remembered which might make the person think you care about them (which is often a good thing). A habit like this would, I think, influence your personality quite a bit.

I kind of wonder how big of an effect habits can have on you. I think I remember reading some earlier works in psychology focused on habits quite a lot. Some of them even going so far as to declare our personality is just our habits. That we are just what’ve been conditioned to be… Well guess I’ve got some more reading to do.