Why I’ve voted yes in the referendum on the Association treaty with Ukraine

In the run-up to the referendum  on the association treaty with Ukraine I’ve changed my mind quite a few times, but in the end I decided to vote in favour of the treaty. In making this decision I think there were three questions that were most important to come to a conclusion.

Is the treaty good for Ukraine?  Is this expanding our sphere of influence and should we be doing so? And last. Is the treaty good for Europe?

In the end I think the answers to all of these questions lead to a vote in favour of the treaty, although there are certainly points from both sides on each of these topics. (more…)

Thesis time

It’s that time of year again where a most of the third years students are writing their thesis, making would be theoratical physicist whish they had studied math or somewhere they aren’t forced to do their research experimentaly, it’s not my turn yet but I already wish I had studied at a university where my thesis can be about something else than an experiment, espescialy after hearing stories about the research of the people that do their thesis this year

MIT online courses

Being a physics student I sometimes watch videos at MIT opencourseware and when I do I always find it a little weird that some of their undergraduate courses have stuff in them that is thought in highschool in my country. It’s not that strange if you consider that in the USA children aren’t split up  into 3 levels (vwo, havo and vmbo) which means that highschool courses can’t get the difficulty and speed they have in the Netherlands or other countries where children split based on intelligence.

Here are some of the courses I found a lot of highschool material in:


Classical Mechanics