Cities and villages Part 3: Athens

Athens to me seemed so large that paying attention to the people on the street at first seemed impossible. There were to many distractions, cars making noise, an almost infinite sea of people with their own noisy or sometimes not so noisy habits. It trains you to not pay attention because really paying attention would cost too much energy and you’d take forever to even set a few steps forward.

Because of the noise and such, Athens to me felt as if it had an atmosphere of anonymity about it. The people most often don’t acknowledge each other on the busy streets and only when you get to a more quite places do people again acknowledge each others presence. (more…)

Four days on Rhodos

As you may or perhaps may not know, I’m currently on a vacation in Greece. You may not know because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it often. I am not very open on these kinds of things. I sometimes am an open person, but on some things, I’m also very secretive sometimes. (more…)