No blogpost. Just a poll on the design of my blog.

I’ve noticed that most other blogs are a bit less cluttered than my blog. Without things like the tag cloud or a list of blogs they follow. I think my blogs clutter could turn off some people, so I could remove some of these things. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea though since I don’t really care either way, so would you prefer my blog with less clutter?

The truth about egalitarian design

An enlightening article about design


We are all designers We are all designers

‘Design thinking’ is being sold as a methodology for sticky problems. It is also being sold as a process that just about anyone can use to solve ‘wicked problems’. Either something is slightly inconsistent between these two claims or it’s one hell of a method.

‘Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need weird shoes or a black turtleneck to be a design thinker’ Tim Brown writes (HBR, June 2008). ‘Nor are design thinkers necessarily created only by design schools… many people outside professional design have a natural aptitude for design thinking, which the right development and experiences can unlock’.

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Svalbard or Spitsbergen

Island Svalbard
Source:  is also mentioned later on


I was looking at this map that shows you where free wifi is available around the world and I, for probably the first time, noticed the name Svalbard and ended up googling the island.

I didn’t know my country (the Netherlands) originally discovered, the weird thing in the Arctic ocean, I always see before finding Iceland.

Well maybe I did. I vaguely remember, talking about it with my dad and one of my friends, before said friend went on vacation to the Island. But I’m not sure, my mind has been playing tricks on me lately, and it might be a false memory it created to make sense of the new information I found… You’re not really in the mood to help me anymore or are you subconscious… *insert funny voice* No! You’ve neglected me for far too long, ask me again when I’m not angry at you anymore in a decade.