Seasonal Cookies

Winds do travel all so fast
How soon will they reach us through the dark
From all over the world they hurl and weep

From the beginning a global thing
Winds of ships or winds through sites
They connect us on this night
Through the cables the vibrations pass
Worlds of colour or black and white
You can find their sails inside the web
We seek magic, connection but mostly cats

I sit here typing
I should be in bed
But this place among the winds
It’s too hypnotic to let me dock
So I sit here writing… at 3 am
When will I set foot on long lost dreamland?

Tab for a cause post

tab for an cause

(note from 2020)This post is very out of date. Nowadays I would deffer to GiveWell when it comes to charity recommendations. They recommend one of the charities Tab for a Cause has, namely GiveDirectly.

The picture you see above is what I usually see when I open an new tab in my Firefox browser (you can also see that I didn’t really follow my own advise. This was due to some mistakes at the start of the new layout of the “tab for a cause” website and the addition of the voting system. I hadn’t really thought about what to vote jet and I had a lot of votes. I had so many votes because of an mistake made by the website earlier. Letting sevral hundred people share the same acount, before acounts where introduced). I installed an app that lets me donate ad revenue the site gets from the ads, you might be able to see the ads in the picture. In the spirit of my previous blog post I decided to share this with you in hopes that it causes us to do more good, in an very easy way that doesn’t really take any effort. For the humanitarian that is also kind of lazy. To make this into at least something resembling an blog post instead of just a shameless commercial I’ll now try to justify why I prioritise certain causes slightly (although not by much) over other causes. (more…)

Making offline backups

A lot of sites on the internet will stay online for a relatively long time such as Wikipedia, facebook etc. But not all webpage’s are as permanent as the before mentioned, especially webpage’s from college or universities courses aren’t always that permanent, therefore it is important for students to make offline backups if you want to use online recourses of a course you followed in the future. The easiest way (in my experience) to do so is to make a map for the website first save the course website itself in htm, and after that save the links you want to keep in the same directory if you don’t change any of the names while saving the files you should get an working offline backup of the website.