Organisational Idea: notebooks

A photo I took somewhere in Leiden

I love having a notebook with me, but lately I’ve started to keep a lot of notebooks, each with a different purpose. I don’t always stay true to the original purpose. For example my dream diary has become a general diary.

I think that in my next “general diary,” I should reserve the front and the back for practical stuff. The front for to do lists, goals and reminders, and the back for names and perhaps drawings of maps.

That’s it, bb ppl. reading this 🙂

Ohh no sorry one more Idea, that I still need to test. I have created the rule for myself about it already. It is that I should also have a notebook devoted to practicalities. It will be a bit of the same as the first and last pages of the general notebook. I’ll still have to see which of these ideas I’ll keep.

Sorry back again.

I think I came up with a better division of labour. At the back of the general notebook I’ll keep “things I need to speak to people about,” and the practicalities notebook will have the names at the front and long term goals and such at the back.

This really is the end of this post for today, although I’m not sure, if and how, I’ll change it in the future