Organizational ideas: Internet stuff

The last thing I posted under this header, has been quite a few years back. Currently, I think, I spent a lot more of my time on the internet than I did when I wrote the post about notebooks. As such a lot more of my organizational ideas have to do with cyberspace.

I think nowadays, having somewhat of a structure to the stuff you do online whether it’s watching, writing or reading has become a lot easier. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all allow you to save stuff, bookmark stuff or add stuff to playlists. This in my opinion creates some structure organically, since it segments your pseudo-bookmarks based on where you found them. You can’t have the computer effectively search through it, but it’s better than nothing.

One thing I do atop of this, is having different browsers for different purposes. For example, I have a browser for my finances, one for general entertainment and productivity (should maybe split this one up) and one as an archive for old bookmarks, from previous computers or just bookmark folders that have become too messy.

Besides that, I also love to make notes in Tab for a Cause’s note-taking section. There I sometimes also link to a folder of bookmarks or a specific bookmark which is related to the note I’m making. This seems to very much encourage me to actually check the bookmark/folder again, maybe because Tab for a Cause loads with each new tab I open.

My bookmarks are still a bit of a random mess, so maybe that’s something I should change sometime.