Small News

I think this will become my facebook alternative because I don’t really like facebook owning my posts. I think I read that when you publish stuff somewhere else first they don’t own it. I’m no copyright lawyer though… So consult one if it’s actually important to you. I only care a little bit so I’ll ask my law student friends this evening but I’m not going to hire an actual lawyer to find out.


Yesterday my computer broke. At first it was just the screen that turned itself off every 20 minutes or so, but when I tried to fix the issue (by setting back the system a week or so) the screen turned off again, and when I restarted the computer had to do an hard disk control. During which the screen turned off again and probably damaged the hard drive.

I brought my computer to a repair place today (typing this on the laptop I bought so I could work on programming everywhere), and the original problem was probably dust… but since I broke the hard drive trying to “fix” the problem it’s gone cost a lot more. I do hope they can get all my files, especially the pages for my book and my poetry.

I did learn that I need to clean the inside of my PC at least once a year, though at a little expensive price of €216

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