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Colour Blindness

When you’re colour blind such as I am (for green and red) you know you can’t do certain jobs involving green and red lights, but I didn’t know until recently that experimental physics specialised in optics was one of those jobs. This year I had to do an experiment with an michelson morely interferometer, an device that initially gave one of the many hints that led to special relativity namely an indication that the speed of light was really a constant. What we (me and my lab partner) had to do however was use it to create a spectrum of various light sources (what wavelength/colour of light is present in the light source and with what intensity) one of the things we had to do to achieve this goal is make sure the interference gave a nice pattern that should look a little like a  rainbow, well what I saw was something grey that at the point where the interference was really perfect started to look a little like a rainbow, my lab partner not being colour blind on the other had had an much easier time detecting the rainbow like interference, so much easier that I really couldn’t see anything at all when he already began to see the rainbow. I don’t want to be an experimental physicist anyway theory is my way to go, but when I wasn’t so sure about that I thought that if I was going to be an experimental physicist I would like to specialise in optics. Well at least I like math a lot more than most other people do.