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Dream journal: Salt people


Today I dreamed that I was a kind of society builder. Kind of like the thing you are in certain strategy games, but I also was a physical person and not just a camera moving around.

I built my society near a portal to something quite different. Near a portal to a salt-based society where people were made out of salt. The salt people had a builder too.

Their builder and I had terms for the kind of relationship our societies had with each other, for example, isolated or integrated.

One day I visited the salt people’s land. Their society, like my own, is focused on specialised areas that create certain things, for example,  there are areas where the salt people focus on gathering salt and areas where they are making a tv show and where they are reproducing. In their society, every area has its own subspecies of salt people.

During my trip, I hear that their builder has almost one platinum coin.

On the way back I save one of the subspecies of salt people, that is responsible for making a tv show, by relocating them from a very crowded area to an area where they have enough space. Once I finished saving the subspecies the dream ends and I wake up.