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A poem on existential risk

 The world is quite a special place
 One out of a countless many among the stars
 We should treasure deep this special place and not place it in harms way
 But we risk it in so many ways
 It is the way we live

 We breed livestock on a massive scale
 Risking both disease and more
 We risk disease in other ways too
 We could create them after all

 Some distrust is really quite apt
 But we fear each other so so much 
 We hoard the means to all lives' end
 An accident will never happen
 At least so we say

 Our other technology can betray us too
 Not just our bombs but our civil use too
 AI as far fetched as it might seem is one thing of which we should beware

 There's hope for all this though
 People are working on a cure
 They research safeguards and much more 

Edit: At the time of writing I didn’t know about this, but there’s a fund dedicated to projects which improve our long-term future. The fund focuses mainly on existential risk.


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