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Tachyons are particles that are often used in science fiction the most recent time I encountered the tachyon was in the game AI war, in which it was used for stealth detection. In reality however the tachyon probably doesn’t exist. The tachyon is an hypothetical particle that was first proposed by Gerald Feinberg how described the particle as an particle that could move faster than light and had an imaginary mass. Imaginary in this context means a amount times the square root of -1. After its proposal however it was soon realised that even an imaginary mass does not allow a particle to move faster than the speed of light. After this the particle became a major flaw in the theory used to predict the particle namely bosonic string theory. String theory in short is a theory that describes particles not as 0 dimensional objects(points) but rather as oscillating 1 dimensional objects (lines or strings) these strings oscillate in extra dimensions predicted by the theory, it is one (actually multiple since there are multiple types of string theory) of the theories that tries to describe quantum mechanics and general relativity in one theoretical framework, a theory that does that is also called a Theory of everything(TEO) since it describes all the known forces in one theory. Now back bosonic string theory, bosonic string theory is a theory that tries to describe everything with bosons, bosons are all particles that have integer amounts of spin( a quantity for how fast a particle spins around its own axis), particles with halve integer spin are called fermions. Besides bosonic string theory there are multiple types of supersymmetric string theory, theories where for every boson type there exists a fermion with the same mass and internal quantum number. I hope this was some interesting background information on Tachyons.