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Today I found out that my highschool endproject(a numerical simulation of the 3 body problem interpreted as an binery starsystem where a third star is added) partner is making a video game called Reus. In the game you play the role of nature and need to strike a balance between yourself and mankind. The trailer and the concept art look very nice have a look here

MIT online courses

Being a physics student I sometimes watch videos at MIT opencourseware and when I do I always find it a little weird that some of their undergraduate courses have stuff in them that is thought in highschool in my country. It’s not that strange if you consider that in the USA children aren’t split up  into 3 levels (vwo, havo and vmbo) which means that highschool courses can’t get the difficulty and speed they have in the Netherlands or other countries where children split based on intelligence.

Here are some of the courses I found a lot of highschool material in:


Classical Mechanics